Here are a couple of photos showing where the 813 amp ended up. I built a cradle for it out of some old 2 X 4s, which I spray painted flat black, then made a couple of shelves out of the top from an old fashioned stereo cabinet. Don't know if I'll run the 30L1 from the same stack or leave the planter on the 2nd shelf.   View Pic  Either looks pretty fair I think.   View Pic  The power supply is fixed for quick disconnect and can be rolled straight out to rear of the little table for use in other projects, if needed. Will be running the 813s, "Lil' Goliath" as KJ9T calls it, with the new Collins S-Line for a while. That is, if it sounds OK. Haven't tried it yet, but will have it on this weekend that way...

As one might expect, the 813s inside this small cabinet were getting plenty hot. The top lid was hot enough to warm your soup for lunch. I mounted a small sized "muffin" fan on the back to pull air from inside and from between the two tubes. In the photo you can see the mounting and I also included a small aluminum plate with a 10 watt 1000 ohm rheostat on the rear of it, mounted on one side of the fan.  
View Pic  Now, I can run the fan at any speed I want and about half speed keeps things nice and cool and makes very little noise. On the rear you see the RF input, RF output, T/R keying, High Voltage fitting, chassis ground, fan power plug, 115 VAC and 2 amp. breaker.
I have had 4000 volts on it and with 125 watts drive it will do the 1500 watts plus a little. However, I am running it at 3000 on the plates and 100 watts drive and seeing 1000 to 1100 watts with ease...73 W9BE

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